Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mukti's Cyclone-Aila Relief Work

This is being almost more than one month Cyclone-Aila impinged on southern part of West Bengal. The people of affected area is slowly trying to come back to their normal daily life. Many NGOs, Govt. bodies came forward and helped the people of affected area. In immediate phase of relief we tried to help with absolute necessary goods like canvas sheets, dry foods drinking water etc. Now the time has come when we have to look into few permanent solutions where people will regain their daily life-style. Mukti has planned few such projects, namely Mukti House Building Scheme (MHBS), Mukti Educational Rehabilitation Program (MERP), Sweet Water Reclamation Project, Agricultural Land Reclamation Project (ALRP), Medical Camp etc.

Very recently Mukti Kakdwip chapter did three medical camps in affected area. One of such medical camp was funded by Asha for Education and another by Anand Charity.