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Just pick up the phone and say ‘Hello Beta’ - A Project by MUKTI


Just as the meaning of her name, ‘MUKTI’ specifies redemption or salvation in Hindi, and she has decided to live her life dedicated to living by the meaning of her name! The MUKTI NGO, based out of Kolkata, aims to redeem needy people with shelter, food, medical help and most importantly, love. Being one of the renowned NGOs of the nation, MUKTI is working on various projects including Hello Beta, Help Kolkata Breathe, Help victims of Cyclone Yaas, initiatives to help senior citizens, support to procure oxygen concentrators and many more.

Moreover, MUKTI has an extensive accreditation of other named NGOs and institutions such as Milaap, Impact Guru, Benevity Cause, Nasscom Foundation and many others. Nevertheless, these are just the many names, which all fall under the roof of the immense power of giving!


Hello Beta Project

Out of various projects that MUKTI is running,
Hello Beta is one of the latest non-profit initiatives by Mukti. Encompassed over six areas, with 1200 customers and 2700 orders, the reason behind this project is to ensure the physical and social fitness of senior citizens.

We all know that senior citizens are more prone to any sickness or other virus as they have a comparatively weaker immune system. Thus, Hello Beta Project is here to provide Home Care Medical Support, including oxygen, medicine, outdoor services support for banking and hospital purposes, and supply essential commodities such as grocery, food items, etc., especially in these trying times caused by the pandemic.


About the Hello Beta Initiative


As mentioned above, Hello Beta was created to ensure the good health of senior citizens above the age of 60 years as they have less strong or comparatively weaker immune systems, which make them prone to severe diseases such as heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases and much other which affects their health a lot. Thus, to stay protected from outside exposure during the pandemic, Hello Beta was created.


What They Offer

Hello Beta has a range of services for your parents. Here, you can order organic and inorganic products like vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, and grocery. You can order medicines, and it also has doctor consultation services along with telemedicine.

In addition, the projects also have an Hourly Beta service, where you can hire Hourly Beta for official outdoor works such as banking, doctor’s visit and any other job. It essentially gives all our elderly folks a homely feeling that their granddaughter or grandson is just a call away! And they live up to their words.


The Operating Model of Hello Beta

Hello Beta is a non-profit initiative authorised by the local government, and it works with the permission of the local government.

To place an order, first, the customer’s call is received at the call centre where all the details regarding the order and about the customers are taken. Then a delivery boy is assigned, and the maximum possible time is given to the customer.

There is a management team, which keeps an eye on all the deliveries throughout the day to ensure no errors. This process of placing orders has enough filters and checks to stop any abuses.


The Impact of Hello Beta


Although having a large number of services, Hello Beta is mainly serving Oxygen Concentrator during the deadly second wave. Recently, they served seven online patients and have served a total of 1144 patients until now. To give you the exact number about the oxygen administered by Hello Beta; 166,152 hours of oxygen have been provided to date, weighing around 34,094 tonnes.

Moreover, Hello Beta has received around 5000 phone requests to date, and it has supplied around 1200 meals till now. Furthermore, Mukti has also provided an app for Hello Beta that can be downloaded from App Store and Google Store. We urge you to spread the word around so MUKTI can help as many people as possible in their quest!

To donate to Hello Beta, visit: Hello Beta (Donate)

To find out more and donate to other causes from MUKTI, visit: MUKTI (Donate)

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